Laptop and IT

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QMC Recommend Laptops

Recommended Laptops  can be purchased via
Select Queen Margaret College from the dropdown menu and type in the following:

Password: QMC2017

1:1 Laptop Information 2017

i5 Processor (minimum), 8 gigs of Ram (absolute minimum).

Operating System – Windows 7, 8, or 10 or Mac

Must have a battery life which is sustainable for the whole school day (5 – 6 hours). This is crucial for Occupational Health and Safety purposes, as we do not allow laptop chargers in the classroom.

Students MUST have administrator rights. This enables students to download and install subject specific software in class under the guidance of her teacher (such as, MuseScore, Notepad++, Lego Mindstorm etc.).

Full (non trial) anti-virus eg, AVG FREE. If a student laptop does not have suitable anti-virus/ anti-malware software installed they will not be connected to the network. (Does not apply to Apple Macs)

Note: Tablet devices such as iPads without a full operating system are not suitable as there are limitations regarding their suitability in certain subjects, e.g, Digital Technology, or Maths and Science which require spreadsheet software.

Key Responsibilities Of The Student
Most importantly, your daughter must bring her laptop to school every day, ready to use with a fully charged battery. The school does not provide charging stations for laptops so this is imperative.

Start Of Year Set-Up Time
An email will go out late January detailing your daughters logon information and access to software downloads from our download portal. There will also be a day allocated, the week before school starts for students to come in if they have any IT issues. At the start of the year there will still be laptop ‘set up’ sessions where all new students will activate their e-folio, and OneDrive as well as setting up their subject folders and running through the basics of computer usage, care and management. Internet safety and ethics will be covered at the outset, and other aspects of Digital Citizenship will be addressed over the course of the year.

This is the responsibility of parents and they should ensure that their daughter’s laptop is covered under their own home insurance arrangements. Note that all Year 6-13 students are issued with a locker (and padlock) in which they expected to secure their laptop for safe keeping. All students and parents will be required to read and sign the College’s Network Acceptable Usage Policy upon enrolment.